How To Repel Coyotes (Are They Pests?)

Coyotes look like big, cute, fluffy dogs but don’t be fooled! They are fierce hunters who are not picky eaters. This makes them a source of constant annoyance and fear for families with small children and pets living near or near the forest.  Thankfully, there are simple ways to repel coyotes. But why do coyotes … Read more

Do Hedgehogs Make Good Pets? (Are They High Maintenance?)

Hedgehogs are not just unusual in appearance! These nocturnal creatures are troublemakers in the critter community and people often say this exotic pet is expensive and high maintenance. But is that really the truth?  Hedgehogs are solitary, low-maintenance pets that do not require much interaction from their owners. Even more, they are affordable! This makes them great … Read more

How Long Do Hedgehogs Live? All About Their Lifespans

Within the past decade or so, hedgehogs have grown in popularity among animal lovers. Today, they are a rather common pet and are available from a variety of different sources including pet stores and dedicated hedgehog breeders. If you’ve been considering getting a hedgehog or have recently acquired one, you might be wondering how long … Read more

Hedgehogs and Hibernation (Everything About The Snooze!)

What do hedgehogs, bears, wood frogs, skunks, and bumblebees have in common? They all hibernate! Hedgehogs can be found worldwide, but those that live in colder regions respond to the change in temperature by hibernating. How do you know if a hedgehog is hibernating, how long they hibernate for, and if they wake up to … Read more

How Do Hedgehogs Protect Themselves? (Fighting, Fleeing, or Defense?)

When it comes to confrontation, hedgehogs generally protect themselves by curling into a ball, making noises to warn off any threats, or running away. They rarely fight back against a predator, but male hedgehogs might fight over a mate or food sources. How Do Hedgehogs Protect Themselves? While fleeing is usually their first option, hedgehogs … Read more