How Long Do Groundhogs Live? (Lifespan of Famous Woodchucks)

While you may be familiar with the groundhog due to the ever-popular Groundhog Day, have you ever thought much about the little weatherman’s lifespan? It is entirely dependent on the rodent’s environment.  Due to their vulnerability to predators, the average life span of groundhogs is 3 years. Groundhogs are slow-moving animals and often fall prey … Read more

How Big Are Groundhogs? (Size, Weight, And Other Questions)

Groundhogs, the common rodents also known as woodchucks, are closely related to squirrels. You can find these animals all over North America, so you’ve likely encountered them at some point. They can grow to be quite large too. These animals typically weigh between five and ten pounds and are about 16 to 20 inches long. … Read more

Groundhogs and Their Sleeping Behavior

Groundhogs are often associated with sleeping and lazy behavior. Even so, not many people actually know about the groundhog’s sleeping habits, such as how long they sleep per day and where they prefer to sleep. Shockingly, groundhogs can sleep for up to 20 hours a day during the summer, and they sleep for stretches of … Read more

The Groundhog’s Teeth and Bite (Some Sharp Questions)

Groundhogs have humorously large front teeth. As a result, these creatures are often known for their chompers. Despite how large and intimidating their teeth may be, groundhogs are actually very docile and rarely bite humans. In fact, groundhog teeth are primarily designed for eating and chewing plant matter, such as soft brasses, leaves, and berries. … Read more

Should You Keep A Groundhog As A Pet?

Groundhogs are large rodents found in most of the United States and parts of Canada. They’re cute, fluffy, and chunky. But do they make good pets? Groundhogs do not make good pets. They are wild animals that need lots of space to be happy. Owning a groundhog or any wild animal is also illegal in … Read more