North American Porcupines As Pets? (Here’s What You Should Know)

North American porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum), native to North America, are the second-largest rodent after the North American beaver. Their coats’ colors range from brownish-yellow to black, with white highlights emphasizing the quills. Because of these quills, North American porcupines have gained a bad reputation, and many are scared of their spikes. This doesn’t imply they’re … Read more

How Do North American Porcupines Fight and Protect Themselves and Their Young?

Porcupines are the second-largest rodent in North America. One of their most striking features is all of the quills covering their bodies. Upon looking at their bodies, you may find yourself wondering “how do North American porcupines fight and protect themselves and their young?“ If this is a question that’s been burning on your mind, … Read more

Dangers to Porcupines (Predators and Other Threats)

Few animals are as instantly recognizable as the North American porcupine. With their massive quills, these rodents boast one of nature’s most impressive defenses. Although, you might be surprised to learn it can’t protect them from everything. The North American porcupine faces several dangers ranging from urban sprawl to predators. As a result, some conservationists … Read more

Where Do Porcupines Live? (All US States And Around The World)

The porcupine’s range includes nearly every continent. Porcupines are classified by location. These classifications are called Old World and New World porcupines. Several differences exist between the two regional porcupine types, including sleeping preferences, den-making rituals, and more. Mainly, these differences are a result of the environment. This article discusses where porcupines live. It also … Read more