Opossums and Swimming (Do They Like Water?)

Opossums, or possums as some people call them, are marsupial animals endemic to America. There are around a hundred and twenty different species of opossum in the world, but the Virginia Opossum is the only one in the US. It’s North America’s only marsupial.  If you have a pool in your backyard, you might have … Read more

The Opossum’s Den (and What It Looks Like)

Opossum with its mouth open and teeth showing whily lying in a bed of hay.

At first glance, an opossum may look like a cat-sized mouse with its pointed snout and hairless tail. Encountering one is startling, especially when it bares its tiny sharp teeth, hissing its heart out. Some people react with disgust at their appearance, thinking they are similar to rats, or worse! Opossums are found all over … Read more

Are Opossums Dangerous? (To People Or Pets)

The poor opossum (Didelphidae), or just plainly “possum”, is one of the most misunderstood animals out there. Opossums are often accused of committing violent acts like preying upon domestic birds and attacking chicken coops, as well as transmitting dangerous diseases to people and pets alike. Is there any truth to these accusations? Are opossums really … Read more

Are Opossums Smelly? (Questions Answered)

Opossums, which include almost 100 species under the order of Didelphimorphia, are not the most loved animals around. They have a less-than-stellar reputation, primarily thanks to their rat-like appearance. Opossums are often misunderstood and viewed as dimwitted, dirty pests whose most impressive party trick is to play dead. Is that all there is to them, … Read more

Do Opossums Make Good Pets? (Your Questions Answered)

Opossums are the only marsupials in North America. They are generally gentle and cuddly, which makes them adored by many people. Because of how calm they seem, you might be thinking of getting one as a pet.  Opossums are magnificent animals, but concerns should be addressed first when considering getting one as a pet. Keeping … Read more

The Opossum’s Eyes and Vision (Your Questions Answered)

Opossums are white and gray scavengers that frequently raid garbage cans and dumpsters. They are nocturnal marsupials, which means that their vision is more adapted for seeing during the night. Do you ever wonder why opossums don’t run away more often when they see cars coming? The explanation is that opossums usually got confused with … Read more