What Do Sea Otters Eat? (Favorite Food & More)

Mustelids are a unique type of mammal that can live in various environments, but one member of the mustelid family stands out – the sea otter. While most of its cousins are land-based animals, sea otters are fully aquatic. Since sea otters have a different habitat from their other otter relatives, it can lead you … Read more

The Sea Otter’s Arms, Paws, and Flippers (Explained)

All 13 otter species of the Lutrinae subfamily have four relatively short legs. They allow otters to swim, groom, walk, and manipulate (catch and eat) their prey. As the largest otters and members of their Mustelidae family, sea otters have short arms equipped with sensitive and agile forepaws. Their hind legs have also been advantageously … Read more

Do Sea Otters Move A Lot Out Of The Water?

One of the things people associate sea otters with is undoubtedly the water. Look for any video or picture of them and they are probably happily playing in the water. Even their species’ name is determined by what body of water they live in.  But while otters spend most of their time swimming, you can … Read more