How Do American Badgers Defend Themselves (And When Do They Fight?)

Two American badgers on a green field.

When push comes to shove, many animals, including the American badgers will fight to protect themselves. While they aren’t the biggest or strongest animals in the prairie, it would be foolish to take these critters lightly; they can seriously injure you if you are not careful. There are many reasons why American badgers might become … Read more

When Are American Badgers Most Active? (Night, Day, Weather, Seasons)

The American Badger (Taxidea taxus) is a very active, hardworking, and highly adaptable creature. These furry mustelids are found in the United States and parts of Mexico and Canada, which all experience changes in weather conditions throughout the different seasons each year.  How do these furry mammals fare during different seasons and weather? Are they … Read more

The American Badger’s Social Behavior (Do They Get Along?)

The American badger (Taxidea taxus) is somewhat different from its relatives when it comes to building relationships with its family and peers. This badger from North America has a very distinct social behavior. Rumor has it that the badger doesn’t like hanging around with others. Is there truth to this statement? Is the American badger … Read more

The American Badger’s Digging Behavior (Everything You Want To Know!)

Badgers are such recognized diggers the species is named for their ability: some speculate that the word “badger” comes from the French “becheur,” which means “digger.” But just why are they so good at digging, and what are they all digging for, anyway? Floofmania digs right in! Why Are Badgers So Good At Digging? American … Read more

Are American Badgers Pests? How Do I Repel Them From My Yard and Property?

The American badger (Taxidea taxus) is a resident mustelid in North America. This medium-sized animal lives in prairies, grasslands, and forest edges across the continent. In a perfect world, there’s a very low chance that people and badgers would ever cross paths. However, with the dwindling habitat of badgers, there’s a high chance that the … Read more