The Beaver’s Social Behavior (Questions Answered)

There are no peace-loving, diligent, and hard-working animal wildlife species in North America quite like the beaver. The North American beaver (Castor canadensis) is known to be very social, at least among their kin. Beavers practice a highly organized social structure. Their manners of social interaction and behaviors are great topics for discussion. What are … Read more

American Beavers and Their Sense Of Smell (Questions & Answers)

The North American beaver’s (Castor Canadensis) sense of smell is very important to the animal. Along with its excellent sense of hearing, non-stop sniffing helps the beaver survive in the wild. A lot of the beaver’s unique characteristics and behavior can be traced to the rodent’s amazing utilization of its olfactory organs. What makes the … Read more

The Beaver’s Dam Building Behavior (Why, Where, and How Do Beavers Build Lodges and Dams?)

Beavers are big, semi-aquatic rodents of the Castor genus native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere. They have a thick coat of fur, webbed feet, and a flattened tail covered with scales.  They can change their surroundings in many ways, thanks to their powerful jaws and teeth, which they use to cut down trees to construct … Read more

How Do Beavers Fight (And Protect Themselves And Their Young?)

Beavers’ oversized front teeth, bead-like eyes, flat tails, and fluffy bodies make them seem like cuddly and approachable animals in the wild. Despite their cute appearance, beavers can be incredibly aggressive in defending their territory, especially when they feel threatened. Beavers have a couple of built-in defenses that help them prevent trespassers from entering their … Read more

Beavers’ Hands and Feet (All You Need To Know)

There are many different things that are easy to recognize about a beaver, but perhaps their paws are not the first that you would think of. As highly specialized animals, perfectly adapted to thrive in the waterways of North America and Eurasia, beavers use their paws for a variety of purposes. This article will go … Read more