Keeping Bison (Basic FAQs, Tips + More)

Two bison standing on a frozen field with vapor around them and a hillside in the background.

When it comes to raising farm animals, most people think about raising chickens, cows, and horses, but what about raising non-traditional farm animals like bison?  Keeping bison is doable for anyone who has raised farm animals before. However, bison are a bit trickier than raising other cattle since bison need more space, a lot of … Read more

American Bison and Their Impressive Sense Of Smell

Bison are large and hairy creatures wandering the plains of North America. Despite their large size, they can move at astonishing speeds and can easily outrun a human. Unfortunately, they are not gifted with good eyesight.  But, thankfully for the bison, their good sense of smell compensates for their poor vision! With their commendable faculty of … Read more

How Big Are Bisons? (What Affects Their Size and When Do They Get So Big?)

​Few animals in North America can match the weight and size of the bison, making these mighty beasts among the continent’s largest animals.  When they reach full size, a bison can tower over almost all other American wildlife, but something like this doesn’t happen overnight. Getting so big requires many factors working in their favor. … Read more

Can Bison Swim? (When and Where They Might Do It)

Bison are famous for migrating across the plains in search of food, but walking these vast distances requires them to pass through many obstacles, including water. Crossing water like rivers and lakes is a challenge for many animals, but bison are some of the continent’s strongest animals, and they find a way to get across. … Read more

Threats And Dangers To Bisons: Are They Going Extinct? (And What Are the Causes?)

There are as few animals as fascinating and culturally significant to North America as the mighty bison. For hundreds of years, these great beasts have roamed the continent’s plains and overcome countless hardships, even coming back from near extinction.  Today the bison population has bounced back in a big way and is currently stable. For … Read more

Bison and Running (How Fast are Bison?)

Two bison walking through tall, brown grasses.

Did you know that ancient American tribes used to believe that thunders are associated with a herd of bison running on the prairies?  Because of a bison’s huge size of 930 to 2,200 pounds and height of 7 to 11.5 feet, we can’t blame these tribes for thinking that the sound of thunder originated from … Read more