How Do I Recognize An Elk? (Here’s What To Look For)

Recognizing an elk might not be easy, as they can oftentimes be confused with other wildlife like deer, caribou, and moose. This confusion is understandable, as elk, being a member of the deer family, share a lot of physical characteristics with other animals of the same species. But fret not, because Floofmania will make it … Read more

Do Elks Fight? (How and Why They Fight?)

Fighting between members of the same species is almost universal among animals. No matter what kind of animal, from vertebrates to non-vertebrates, almost everyone fights for their survival.  The same is true for elk, who engage in fights mainly to show dominance, find mates, and continue their bloodlines. Of course, it has nuances, and we, … Read more

What is the Elk’s Social Behavior? (Why and How Do They Interact With Each Other?)

From mountain lions to bears, elks are part of the menu for countless forest predators. In these conditions, elks have developed many strategies to help them even with the odds of survival.  One of the elks’ oldest and most reliable strategies is safety in numbers. By sticking together in large numbers, predators are less willing … Read more

Elk In The Winter (How Do They Handle The Cold?)

Elk, also called wapiti, are one of the larger species of deer and the biggest terrestrial mammals in North America. When we think of elks, we often picture them in green pastures, so you may wonder how elk fare in the winter. Elks do well in the winter thanks to their thick insulated coats that … Read more

The Elk’s Habitat (Terrain, Environment, and Needs)

Elks, also called wapiti, are one of the largest land-dwelling animals native to North America. These members of the Cervidae family are now primarily found in the western parts of North America despite being widely distributed in the past.  Do you want to learn more? Join us in this Floofmania article where we will discover … Read more

Elk Hygiene 101: How Do Elks Keep Themselves Clean?

Elks, Cervus elaphus canadensis, or Wapiti, are the largest species within the deer family or Cervidae. They are usually present in Central and East Asia and North America. Like all living beings, elk tend to get dirty from laying down in the mud, running around in the forest, and just from doing their everyday activities, … Read more