Do Red Wolves Fight? (How And Why They Fight?)

Red wolves are some of North America’s fiercest predators. While smaller than bears and other wolves, these canines know how to fight. They are incredibly fierce and defend themselves against anyone they consider a threat. Red wolves use different strategies to take down animals larger than themselves.  But the question is how and why they … Read more

How Do I Recognize A Red Wolf? (Size, Fur & More)

The red wolf (Canis rufus) is the rarest canid in North America. There are less than 300 individuals living in the world today, both in the wild and in captivity.  There’s a fair chance you haven’t seen one in your life, so how do you recognize a red wolf? What are its distinguishing characteristics?  And … Read more

Red Wolf Poop and Urine (Everything To Know)

The poop of wolves definitely smells terrible—for us humans at least. The red wolf (Canis rufus) is not an exception. This carnivorous member of the Canidae family primarily feeds on deer, rodents, and other animals. When feeding on its prey, the red wolf almost doesn’t spare anything. It will consume almost all parts of the … Read more

Animals Similar To Red Wolves (20 Furry Lookalikes)

Some animals have really striking and descriptive names that sort of give you a mental image of what they might look like. When the animal is called a “black bear”, a “rhinoceros beetle,” or something like that, you expect a completely black animal and an insect that resembles a rhino. In reality, however, the people … Read more