Can Coyotes Swim? All You Need to Know

Coyotes are fascinating animals that have adapted to a wide variety of habitats, ranging from forests to deserts. They are opportunistic and versatile predators that can hunt in packs or on their own. One of the questions that people often ask about coyotes is whether or not they can swim. The answer is yes, coyotes … Read more

Coyote Bite Force: How Strong Are These Wild Canines?

Coyotes are known for their adaptability and resourcefulness, making them one of the most successful wild animals in North America. They have been able to thrive in urban environments, which has led to more human-coyote encounters. One of the most feared aspects of coyotes is their bite force, which can cause serious harm to humans … Read more

Mountain Lions VS Coyotes – A Comparison Between Two Predators

When you think about common land predators in North America, the first ones that often come to mind are mountain lions and coyotes. These predators are both strong and fierce carnivores that can dominate their given territory. However, you may wonder how these two animals compare to each other. Mountain lions are much larger in … Read more

Red Foxes vs Coyotes: The Fascinating Differences and Similarities Between These Canids

Red foxes and coyotes share many similar characteristics but they are also very different in many ways. They are both members of the canine family and have similar diets, but they have different appearances, mannerisms, and behaviors. The discussion here focuses on red foxes, but it includes all foxes. However, it’s important to note the … Read more

Are Coyotes Dangerous? (To Humans, Pets, Lifestock?)

Coyotes are naturally unaggressive animals that are fearful of humans. However, they can be dangerous because they can carry rabies contagious to humans and household pets. According to the Center for Disease Control, rabies is a preventable disease found in wild animals, including the coyote. The contagious disease is fatal if not immediately treated. This … Read more

Do Coyotes Make Good Pets? (At All?)

Coyotes can potentially be pets if you tame them well from the time they are puppies. If you want to take in a coyote as a pet, you must adopt them from a wildlife refuge. Adopting a coyote from the wild can be dangerous because of potential diseases, aggressive tendencies, and special dietary needs. While … Read more

Coyotes’ Light, Climate, And Weather Preferences

Coyotes are crepuscular mammals that awake at dusk to hunt. The coyote is a mesocarnivore that hunts smaller animals at dusk, like deer and rabbits. They become active at dusk because this is when their prey is the most active. Changing weather conditions can impact the activity of the coyote. Coyotes will refrain from leaving … Read more