Can Foxes Swim? Discover the Surprising Truth

Many people wonder if foxes can swim. Foxes are members of the Canidae family and are related to wolves, jackals, and dogs. They are medium-sized animals, weighing between two and 24 pounds, with pointy faces and lithe bodies. Foxes are known for their intelligence and adaptability, and they have a reputation for being able to … Read more

Red Foxes vs Coyotes: The Fascinating Differences and Similarities Between These Canids

Red foxes and coyotes share many similar characteristics but they are also very different in many ways. They are both members of the canine family and have similar diets, but they have different appearances, mannerisms, and behaviors. The discussion here focuses on red foxes, but it includes all foxes. However, it’s important to note the … Read more

What Do Red Foxes Symbolize? (Different Cultures, Dreams, Sayings)

The cunning fox appears in myths from around the world in all his fascinating and beautiful forms. Foxes have existed in symbolism and folklore for as long as people and foxes have co-existed. They are widely represented as symbols of beauty, intelligence, and independence. However, they also carry connotations of sneakiness, mischief, and evil. Why … Read more

Where Are Red Foxes Found? (Do They Live All Over The World?)

Red foxes love living in forested environments because of the coverage. Red foxes can sustain themselves in nearly any environment. They are fully capable of sustaining themselves in urban environments, and they can adjust well to human presence after being exposed to humans for a while. Foxes typically measure things based on convenience, ranking some … Read more

Can I Legally Own A Red Fox, Or Keep A Fox As A Pet?

Owning a red fox for a pet is legal in fifteen states. However, the red fox can be difficult to care for because of its unpredictable temperament, strict diet, and special habitat. Most legal states have set strict guidelines in place regarding red fox ownership. You can only own a red fox in fifteen states.  … Read more

The Red Fox’s SNEAKY Behavior (Stealing, Breaking In, and Being Clever)

Red foxes are sneaky animals who often outsmart other mammals with their wit. Farmers are one of these animals’ most common victims. They eat farmers’ chickens and steal the eggs.  Because of the fox’s sneakiness, farmers do not notice until foxes have already stolen their farm animals. Installing an automatic door or increasing the height … Read more