Opossum Sounds: A Guide to Identifying Common Noises

Opossums are fascinating creatures that can be found in many parts of the world. These animals are known for their unique behaviors, including their ability to play dead when threatened. However, opossums are also known for the sounds they make. These sounds can range from clicking and sneezing to growling and hissing. In this article, … Read more

The Opossum’s Paws and Claws (Your Questions Answered)

Opossum sitting in a tree, looking into the distance, its toes and claws spread out.

Opossums, the only known marsupial of North America, can be best recognized by their elongated face and snout, short dark legs, and long, almost hairless tails. But have you ever looked at opossums and wondered about their feet, paws, and claws? What kind of paws do you think these gray, solitary creatures have?  If you’re … Read more

Opossums vs. Raccoons: The Fascinating Differences and Similarities Between These Two Species

There are times when raccoons and opossums are confused with one another. When this happens, it’s probably because of the slight similarities in their color or their scavenging behaviors at night.  If you’re one of those who get confused between these two, stay with us here in Floofmania as we show you the similarities and … Read more

Opossums In The Winter (Do They Hibernate?)

Opossums originated from Central and South America and made their way to the United States some 800,000 years ago. With their thin coats and hairless ears, tails, and feet, the little marsupials are much more suited to their original hotter environments, not snowy winters! Despite that, the species has been found more and more frequently … Read more